EU road approval – single-axle trailers

The EU road approval set contains all the necessary parts (ISO 50 trailer hitch, rear lights incl. light holder and COC list) to allow the trailer to be used on public roads anywhere in the EU.


  • This road approval set can be sold only together with the trailer. Not available separately!
  • Cannot be bought for a trailer that has already been delivered/purchased before – cannot be purchased additionally!
Price excl. VAT 139,-€
Price incl. VAT by country
In stock

Approval category R1a
Max. speed 40km/h
Registration at the local transport department issuing registration papers + a license plate
Rear lighting YES
Brakes NO

Suitable for combining with

Trailer Farmer for ATV

ATV trailer Farmer

Load capacity 550 kg
Weight 110 kg
Overall dimensions of the trailer (L x W x H) 270 x 112 x 93 cm
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Trailer Gardener

ATV trailer Gardener

Load capacity 400 kg
Weight 140 kg
Overall dimensions of the trailer (L x W x H) 211 x 125 x 120 cm
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