ATV trailer Gardener

Additional accessories for the ATV trailer Gardener:

 Accessories:  Price excl. VAT:
 EU road approval 139 €
 Magnetic LED lights 49 €
 Support wheel 35 €
 Support leg 28 €


Option to purchase tires, including discs, separately: Tires, including discs

  • Professional workmanship, top quality
  • Raised sideboards 50 cm in the basic price
  • Perfect stability, low center of gravity
  • Slightly tilting body
  • Quality, low-pressure, off-road ATV tires
  • Suitable for ATV quads, UTV vehicles and compact tractors
  • Removable fronts
  • CE certificate

Low center of gravity, bulky body, quality ATV tires, amazing off-road accessibility. You can get all this by purchasing this versatile trailer, that is designed for work of all kinds in gardens, orchards, forests and farms.

The trailer GARDENER is suitable for the transport of various types of materials, garden waste, building materials, but also for the transport of tools, etc. The trailer is highly versatile and longer objects can be transported after removing the front and rear fronts. The large volume of the body is ensured by the raised sideboards, which are included in the basic equipment and basic price of the trailer.

Quality ATV tires guarantee good off-road acessibility. The trailer is suitable for all types of ATVs and small tractors.

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Price excl. VAT 810,-€
Price incl. VAT by country
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Load capacity 400 kg
Weight 140 kg
Overall dimensions of the trailer (L x W x H) 211 x 125 x 120 cm
Body dimensions (L x W x H) 131 x 103 x 30 (80) cm
Body volume approx. 400 l (with sideboards approx. 900 l)
Wheel size 18 x 9,5 - 8
Wheel bearings double tapered
The possibility of road-approval for operation on public roads YES
Body material/thickness galvanized steel teardrop sheet/1,3 mm
Drawbar length from front face 77 cm
Optimal height of the towing device from the ground 30 - 40 cm
Raised sideboards in the basic price
The type of trailer suspension equipment included in the price ISO 50

Suitable for combining with

road approval - single-axle trailers

EU road approval – single-axle trailers

Approval category R1a
Max. speed 40km/h
Registration at the local transport department issuing registration papers + a license plate
Price excl. VAT 139,-€
Magnetic-LED-light-on-trailer-behind-quad bike

Magnetic LED lights

Price excl. VAT 49,-€
support leg for trailer behind quad

Support leg, including a holder

Price excl. VAT 28,-€
Support wheel for atv trailer

Support wheel, including a holder

Price excl. VAT 35,-€
ATV trailer wheel

Tires, including discs 18×9,5-8 (Trailer Gardener)

Dimensions 18 x 9,5 - 8
Load capacity 200 kg
Construction pitch 4 x 100
Price excl. VAT 66,-€

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