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Accessories for ATV trailers


Reflectors for ATV trailer

Price excl. VAT 1,-€
warning triangle

Warning triangle

Price excl. VAT 7,-€
ski for atv trailer worker

Ski set – ATV trailer Worker

Ski dimensions 162 x 31 x 21 cm
Weight 40 kg
Weight capacity 1 000 kg
Price excl. VAT 277,-€
Ski set – ATV trailer Gardener

Ski set – ATV trailer Gardener

Ski dimensions 175 x 17 x 6 cm
Weight 50 kg
Weight capacity 600 kg
Price excl. VAT 268,-€
Raised sideboard trailer farmer

Raised sideboard – ATV trailer Farmer

Fastening 6 x screw
Dimensions 150 x 90 x 30 cm
Weight 15 kg
Price excl. VAT 88,-€
Raised sideboard for ATV trailer Worker

Raised sideboard – ATV trailer Worker

Fastening 6 x screw
Dimensions 191 x 98 x 30 cm
Weight 30 kg
Price excl. VAT 192,-€
support leg for trailer behind quad

Support leg, including a holder

Price excl. VAT 26,-€
Support wheel for atv trailer

Support wheel, including a holder

Price excl. VAT 33,-€
Magnetic-LED-light-on-trailer-behind-quad bike

Magnetic LED lights

Price excl. VAT 45,-€
self-locking pliers

Self-grabbing timber tongs

Opening 44,5 cm
Weight capacity 340 kg
Price excl. VAT 39,-€
electric winch dragon

Electric winch for the work ATV

Dimensions 290 x 105 x 105 mm
Weight 6 kg
Tensile force 1 330 kg
Price excl. VAT 130,-€

Pulley arm with a winch

Weight capacity 250 kg
Rope length 3 m
The thickness of the rope 5 mm
Price excl. VAT 163,-€