Wheel hub JPJ 650

Wheel hubs used for the wheels (with dimensions of 22×12-8 and 22×11-8) of the trailers behind quads and compact tractors. Are you making an ATV cart behind your quad and you do not know what axles to use? Wheel hubs from JPJtrailers for ATV carts behind quads and compact tractors represent an ideal solution for you. They use high-quality roller bearings with an oblique-angled contact.

Weight capacity = 650 kg/1 piece

Pitch = 4 x 100 mm

Diameter of a hub centre = 56 mm

Price excl. VAT 42,-€
Price incl. VAT 51,-€
On request


Weight capacity 650 kg/piece
Pitch 4 x 100 mm

Suitable for combining with

tire with disc 12

Tires, including discs 22x12x8

Price excl. VAT 78,-€
tire 22x11x8

Tires, including discs 22x11x8

Price excl. VAT 72,-€

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